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You are a smart shopper. Why? Because you’ve decided to choose us and take the advantage at the lowest cost to get the most healthy products for your life.
AUUOO stands for All Natural & Organic. Fresh and healthy food for you, your friends and family. AUUOO is an online store that operated by Shuangxi Trading Inc. The store is founded on the notion that we do best when we consider our own self-interests. We believe we can do well by given the concept of “NATURAL and ORGANIC” and we want to ensure that everyone and their children have a safe, clean and healthy world in which to live.

Core Value

We started AUUOO because we are crazy about natural and organic. We know natural products and organic food are best for our bodies, best for our communities and best for the planet. We know that everyone think that natural and organic products will cost more than the normal products. Our goal at AUUOO is to make sure you find the products at an acceptable price. To achieve this, we are working with our manufacturers to keep per unit costs low. We also have discount on some products every month.

We are confident that you'll find AUUOO to be your first choice for price, quality, reliability and convenience!